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Samsung Bixby Al Assistant Working On Older Galaxy Phone

Apr 04, 2017 02:24 PM EDT


The much brag about Samsung Bixby smart assistant is exclusive to the recent Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ flagships, however, it has as of now been not officially ported to older handsets too. Samsung presented its new Bixby assistant a month ago, before the actual revelation of the Galaxy S8 flagship series.

 The company guarantees a "fundamentally different" involvement or experience with Samsung Bixby as it's not simply one more assistant like Siri, Cortana or Google Assistant; it's a completely new experience that aims to change the way people interact with mobile.phones.

 "Samsung has utilized artificial intelligence, strengthening deep learning ideas to the core of one's UI designs. Samsung Bixby is the progressing or ongoing result of this effort," Samsung clarified. "Bixby will be our initial or first step on a journey to totally open up better approaches of interacting with your mobile phone," Samsung added.

As XDA client takerhbk clarifies, porting the Samsung Bixby assistant to the Galaxy S7 is not excessively complicated - it should be finished in just a few simple steps. The procedure includes installing the Galaxy S8 launcher and the Bixby application programming interface (APK), actuating or activating the assistant and rebooting the smartphone. The client provided connections or links to download the Galaxy S8 launcher and the Bixby APK, and many of various clients figured out how to effectively repeat the procedure and get Samsung Bixby to keep running on their gadgets too.

Some note that it functions perfectly, while others report experiencing a few issues, such as freezing, smashing or working just partially. Considering that it's an unofficial port, but, it's not surprising that a few issues may arise but rather some further adjustment will probably improve the port sooner rather than later. In the event that one has a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone running Android Nougat and might want to experiment with the new Samsung Bixby assistant, one can follow the directions or instructions on XDA to start up the unofficial port.

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