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HTC Vive To Get A Fully Compatible Wireless Adapter in April 2017

Apr 04, 2017 05:11 PM EDT


Since its official launch, HTC Vive saw an incredible support from its worldwide fans. The VR headset witnessed an enormous round of popularity for its spectacular virtual realism. Although, the devices just felt short a bit with its string of wires which make it difficult to be operated from a distant zone. But this issue won't be able to stop HTC Vive anymore as TPCast has designed a superlative wireless adapter for the same which will cut short all the earlier required cords by providing a next-gen technology based cordless connectivity.

According to Digital Trends, HTC has now come to terms with TPCast for this innovative new adapter which will allow the VR headset to be moved far from the tethered PC of the whole component. The adapter will allow the users to enjoy an assured range of connectivity with this headset while they are playing their favourite action saga. Besides all these, as per a new sample test result, TPCast's wireless adapter clinched a 5-hour-long active run while being fully charged. Also, TPCast was able to keep its promise by noting less than two milliseconds on latency in the wireless adapter's test run.

As per a report by ROAD TO VR, TPCast earlier activated its pre-booking window for the same in its Chinese holdings in November 2016. The company even said to reveal its addition to HTC Vive by the first quarter of 2017. But later, the tech equipment master accepted its inability to launch the cordless adapter by the Q1 of this year and also apologized to its buyers for the same reason. TPCast has now indicated to release its much-awaited extension by the end of April 2017.

The availability of this HTC Vive compatible wireless adapter is still unknown. But TPCast has already lined up at $249. The company is even hinted to announce the exact launch date for the same anytime soon. Interested buyers are recommended to keep a sharp eye on TPCast's official holdings.

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