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Apple On Set For Self-Manufactured GPU For Apple iPhone & iPad: Ends Relation With Imagination Technologies

Apr 05, 2017 02:14 AM EDT

Apple Building Its Own GPU
(Photo : MacRumors/Youtube) Apple Building Its Own GPU

Apple is now reportedly building GPU for iPhone and iPad. This means that the company would be ending relation with Imagination Technologies.

Apple is now ending its long time relationship with Imagination Technologies, Engadget reported. For years, the company had been developing graphics processing unit for the iPhone, but now, Apple ended its agreement.

It's the Imagination Technologies which first announced the end of its relations with Apple in the manufacturing of GPU. The company further made it cleared that the PowerVR GPU will no longer be available on Apple iOS devices.

According to The Verge, Apple had notified Imagination Technologies that it does not want to continue the supplies for iPhone and iPad GPU. It is because Apple is working on a separate and independent graphics design that would control its products and at the same time reduce dependency from Imagination Technologies.

The decision of Apple greatly challenge Imagination Technologies for almost half of the companies' revenue comes from Apple. Besides, Apple currently owns more than eight percent of the Imagination Technologies and up against full takeover.

To recall, Apple had been successful in designing its CPU with ARM-based processor cores which defeated its competitors. However, it's a different scenario when it comes to GPU design that Apple is developing. Likewise, Imagination Technologies is on a negative side that Apple could work on a chip technology that would not contravene the original GPUs.

For the iPhone and iPad, Apple successfully paired the ARM system processor with the PowerVR GPU of Imagination Technologies. Now, apple wants to have more than the processor but rather the GPU itself as manufactured from their own firm. And because Imagination Technology would loose much of its case from the pullout, the company is planning to appeal it to the courts since its stock started dropping between in almost 70 percent in just a short period.

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