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Buried In Time: Another Ancient Pyramid Discovered In Egypt

Apr 06, 2017 04:25 AM EDT

Pyramid Buried in Mystery
(Photo : Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images) A new pyramid is reportedly dicovered by an excavation team in Egypt

In the latest discovery, a new pyramid has been found in Egypt. It is assumed that the pyramid goes back almost 3700 years ago. It is discovered at a site present in Dahshur, north of the famous Bent Pyramid.

According to Mirror, the pyramid was found along with a 15cm by 17cm alabaster block, with 10 vertical lines on it written in an ancient language called hieroglyphics. Besides, a granite lintel and a collection of stone blocks were also found, which shows the interior design of the pyramid. The pyramid got located while a team of Egyptian researchers on an archaeological mission were examining the aforementioned site present in the south of Cairo.

As per the local media, the remains of the pyramid are in quite a good condition. Researchers assume that the pyramid might have been built around 1700 BC. This is quite a significant discovery long after the finding of the pyramids of Giza, which were built around 2500 BC.

The excavators are en route to examine the possible owner and which kingdom the pyramid belonged to through further research. Mahmoud Afifi, Egypt's Minister of antiquities, confirmed the discovery of the news sources. Adel Okasha, director general of the Dahshur necropolis, detailed on the fact of the unearthed part of the pyramid showing its inner structure.

According to Fox News, the team has so far unearthed an interior ramp that extends to a ramp on the south along with an entrance that leads to the interior of the pyramid. The researchers are of the opinion that more significant instances of ancient Egyptian arts and mysteries about the old kingdoms can be found from the excavation site.

The site lies 25 miles south of Cairo, where it is said that King Sneferu constructed the Bent Pyramid, a unique structure whose angle changes halfway through its body upwards. He is also said to have built Egypt's first smooth-sided pyramid dubbed the Red Pyramid almost 4600 years ago. His son King Khufu is accredited to have built the Great Pyramid of Giza, termed as one of the seven wonders of the world. 

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