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Exercise Increases Chances Of Post-Stroke Recovery & Helps Avoid Physical Disability

Apr 07, 2017 03:42 AM EDT


Regular exercise produces lesser chances of disability after the stroke. People who keep their body fit and active can avail the post-stroke recovery more easily than the inactive persons.

Exercise is the best way to maintain a fit body for all the time. Persons who led an idle lifestyle and prefer to maintain minimum physical activities are more prone to face a series of health problems. A new research study predicts the positive impacts of physical activeness.

Regular exercise is the best way to bring that activeness. Physical inactivity increases the chances of dependency both before the stroke and after the stroke, according to Pamela Rist, the author of the research study. The abstract of the research study was published in the popular journal Neurology. Pamela Rist of the Harvard University and her research team monitored more than 18,000 people to get the final outcome of their research study.

The research team followed the history of all the 18,000 participants for an average of twelve years. None of the participants were the victims of the stroke, but during the said time period 1,400 candidates suffered it and also survived. Interestingly active people among the sufferers who had the habit of regular exercise were able to perform the basic tasks like bathing without anybody's help.

The fitter persons who availed the daily exercise routine before the stroke also managed to perform some complex tasks on their own, Health Day stated. The research findings clearly indicate the importance of the fit body to acquire better result in the future. Lead author of the research study, Pamela Rist, utters some significant words regarding the disability after the stroke.

She opines that body mass index of a person is not a key factor or indicator to predict the level of disability after the stroke. It is a clear fact that the research study mainly highlights the significance of exercise that brings an active and fit body. No doubt a fit body is the dream of every individual.

Dr. Andrew Rogove, a stroke care expert at the Northwell Health's Southside Hospital in New York, utters some significant words about the research. He reveals that the research findings indicate the health benefits of regular exercise that a person can avail even in his future life. Another expert, Dr. Ajay Misra of the NYU Winthrop Hospital in New York stresses on the active lifestyle.

He says that weight reduction can't only help to avert the stroke, but an active lifestyle also increases the chances of recovery after the stroke. It is not a new fact that regular exercise brings several health benefits. The fact is people should understand this truth to maintain a sound health.


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