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'The Last of Us' PS4 Remastered Release Date & DLC News: Gamestop Offers Sony PS3 Owners Used Game Trade-in for New One

Jul 23, 2014 09:47 PM EDT


"The Last of Us" is among the most successful titles on Sony's console and it has been known that the game will have an upgraded and enhanced version for the PlayStation 4.

"The Last of Us Remastered" will be running on the higher specs and stronger processing capabilities of Sony's new platform to deliver an improved experience of its original version.

While the remastered version will cost gamers only $50, owners of the PlayStation 3 copy started wondering if they could get a deal to upgrade their copies to the newer version. However, Sony announced that they would not be offering such a deal but retailer GameStop came to the rescue. The gaming store said that they would be offering a promotional discount for "The Last of Us Remastered" for those who own the original.

Owners of "The Last of Us" for PlaySation 3 can bring their copies to a GameStop store starting July 27 and get a 50 percent discount on the new copy. Gamers would rather see a free upgrade but $25 on a great game is not bad at all, especially when you take into consideration the better DLC. Nonetheless, it is not a continuing offer since GameStop will be offering the promotion only until August 2.

According to IB Times, "The Last of Us Remastered" will be launched on July 29 and will feature graphical upgrades at 60fps and a resolution of 1080p. The new version will come with the main game, multiplayer packs, the Left Behind DLC for single-player mode and developer's commentary. Furthermore, Naughty Dog also announced that both versions will be given more multiplayer DLC in the next months to come.

The action-adventure survival and horror game sold 3 million PlayStation 3 copies. Gamers who still do not own the PlayStation 4 should not worry because more DLCs will still be given to the original version.

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