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Carbon Dioxide Record Breaking Level: Planet Will Be Uninhabitable For Human Beings After Some Years

Apr 07, 2017 03:54 AM EDT


This is one of the astonishing news from the environment researchers regarding carbon dioxide levels in the climate. It is very near to touch new highs compared to the last observation measurements in just a few decades. That's really serious!

According to Live Science, in the atmosphere, if the carbon emissions continue as it is happening now, research shows that by the time of mid-century, the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere could reach a state unseen in 50 million years. That will have a huge impact on the temperature as well. During that time, the temperature was 10-degree celsius warmer.

The research was published in Nature Communications on Tuesday. It clearly warns the humanity to curtail carbon pollutions so that the climate does not go beyond the limited bounds which can be a threat to the human civilization to thrive. As carbon dioxide emissions are increasing day by day, it should be minimized by proper measures.

Climate Central reported that scientists tracked the historical changes in the carbon dioxide levels with the help Antarctic ice cores air pocket and deep sea floor sludge. Scientists compiled 1500 carbon dioxide estimates for creating a view extending 420 million years.

At present, the carbon dioxide levels likely haven't reached in 3 million years, but the research denotes that if the carbon dioxide emissions are committed at the same rate by human activities, it will take no longer time in reaching the peak of past records. Soon, human civilization will experience the period of Eocene, the period when the world had a temperature of extreme heat and ocean levels were high with ice nowhere.

If the situation continues, the carbon dioxide level can easily reach 2000 ppm by the year 2050. This will put the planet in a warning state within few years. In simple terms, it would make the planet uninhabitable for the human beings.

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