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Australian White-Tailed Spiders: How Much Can Their Bites Harm The Human Body

Apr 08, 2017 03:12 PM EDT

Amazing Facts About Spiders
(Photo : Wildlife Facts/Youtube) There are so many myths about the spiders in Australia. Researchers found that not all infections are caused by the venoms from spider bites, some of them are also caused by bacteria infections.

Australia is famous for its diverse number of worm, insect and reptile species. But sometimes it causes problems for the humans. A recent news reported that a man had to amputate his both legs as he was bitten by a White-tailed spider. However, experts said that no evidence of amputations has been recorded to blame this spider.

Those injuries were actually caused by infectious bacteria and the White-tailed spider venoms were considered as non-lethal. The Conversation reported that no cases of necrotic ulcers and necrotising arachnidism (skin blisters) have been shown from the bites of the spider which could result in amputations.

However, no medical tests have been discovered yet to determine whether it is a bite from a spider or another insect. People who experienced the bites from White-tailed spiders only felt mild local pains and headaches.Most of the cases peoples got recovered without any treatment.

According to Phys, White-tailed spiders are scientifically known as Lampona sp. They have a cylindrical shaped body with a white or gray spot at the end of the abdomen. Their natural habitat is spread from eastern Australia to Southern New Zealand and they prefer to stay in warmer weather. They usually don’t harm humans but they are active hunters, other small types of spiders and insects are their main diet.

But, there also have some spider species which are really venomous compared to White-tailed Spider and their bites can cause serious health damages. Infamous Redback spider aka Latrodectus hasselti whose venom can create unbearable pains in muscles. If no action is taken within an hour, then it could damage limbs or lead to death. There also have some other spiders that have concerning bites which include ground, sac, whistling, orb, trapdoor, huntsman and funnel-web spiders.

Australian health experts gave some useful tips to stay away from the bites of White-tailed spiders and other harmful spiders. First of all, not to mess with them, because sometimes they bite to protect themselves. Secondly, always prefer to wear gloves and shoes while farming and gardening. Lastly, keep the home clean to limit their hiding places and before putting on a shoe it is better to knock it off, as it is one of the preferable hiding places.

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