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Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Rumors Revealed Not Many Surprises But Major Disappointment

Apr 09, 2017 01:39 PM EDT

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Rumors Leaked, A Major Disappointment
(Photo : Information Technology/Youtube) Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Rumors Leaked, A Major Disappointment

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 rumors revealed in a Twitter account. But not all speculations were met, thus disappointing its fans.

In a report published by The Next Web, Paul Thurrott's Twitter account has nearly given fans first look for the Microsoft Surface Pro 5. Paul Thurrott is a Microsoft connoisseur who revealed in his social media account details for the Surface Pro 5 tablet.

"Surface Pro 5 will not change the Surface Connect power connector, I was just told. Kaby Lake, nothing dramatic," Thurrott tweeted. Obviously, Thurrott's revelation explains that there aren't any surprises to be expected from the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 tablet aside from the Kaby Lake processor and keeping its Surface Connect charger.

Meanwhile, according to Express, the leaks, and rumors of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 which spread recently totally sounds like a major disappointment. More so, there's not much to get excited about its release due to the revealed tweet rumor which does not meet almost half of its speculations. The device is also revealed not as a complete redesign, but just a simple spec bump.

On the other hand, the assurance of having the Kaby Lake processor for the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 will guarantee faster performance for the tablet. Also, its battery will be for the better due to the good Kaby Lake processor. While for the power adapter, Type Covers, and docks, the company wants to keep backward compatibility moving forwards for its Surface Pro 3, Surface Pro 4 and Surface pro 5.

Additionally, some rumors claim that the USB Type-C connector won't be any more available for the Microsoft Surface Pro 5. If this happens, it would be such a major disappointment for USB-C is known to be a standard universal port on all high-end Windows 10 devices. For the meantime, these are only the leaks for the much-awaited Surface Pro 5, good thing is, Microsoft's launch event can take place anytime soon.

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