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iOS 7 Jailbreak News and Updates: Top Tweaks to Download

Jul 24, 2014 11:58 PM EDT


With jailbreak tweaks, your iOS device can be even more powerful than it already was. Just download the tweak and start using it with your jailbroken device.

With Brevity you'll be able to send quick canned responses via text messages. Instead of always saying "okay" or "good" and having to type it out each time, with Brevity, you'll be able to arrange canned responses and have it type for you. The default word is okay, but you can go into the settings and change it to your favorite reply. So, when someone asks you "how's it going?" you'll just hit one button and it'll reply "good" for you. Brevity is a useful tweak and it's only $0.99 through Cydia.

Barrel is a fun tweak that will probably leave you a little less bored when scrolling through your pages of apps on your homescreen. You'll be able to choose different 3-D-like animations for the page switching. It's a fun way to switch pages. It's a $2.99 tweak through Cydia. It's worth it if you're bored with your current animation when switching pages.

RecognizeMe is a way to get around having to type in your passcode every time you want to unlock your phone. You'll just show your face to the front facing camera and it'll recognize you and unlock your phone. You'll have to train RecognizeMe to recognize you by taking a series of initial photos, but after that you'll be all set to use facial recognition to unlock your phone. It's a $6.99 tweak through Cydia. Watch the video below to see RecognizeMe in action:

If you're just tired of the lock screen completely and wish to bypass it and go right into your phone, NoLockScreen is for you. When you hit the power or home button, you'll go right to the homescreen without having to unlock your phone. This tweak is capable of being disabled at any time through your settings. It's a free tweak through Cydia.

Have you tried any of these tweaks? Let us know in the comments section below.

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