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Stroke Medications: Find Out Why Some Stroke Survivors Ignore Their Doctor’s Advice

Apr 10, 2017 06:16 PM EDT


Stroke victims have stopped medications due to one reason as a study had found out. Yet, the discovery was a not so surprising reason for some that stroke victims disregarded their doctors' advises.

According to Mirror, the study led by Queen Mary University of London investigated the case. The study involving the University of Cambridge identified that the reason for some stroke victims to neglect their GP’s advice on medications was the side effects they were experiencing upon taking medications advised.

Secondary prevention medications such as statin were then identified to be disregarded by the victims amid being effective to reduce the risk of stroke recurrence by up to 75 percent as reported. “Side effects of medications, in particular, statins, may cause anxiety and resentment in some patients, and their concerns are not always addressed by practitioners,” study’s lead researcher Dr. Anna De Simoni stated.

The study published in the journal, Family Practice was then based on some archives from TalkStroke, a UK online forum hosted by the Stroke Association. Nonetheless, the forum had found 50 participants discussing general practitioners' (GP) advice and was found in 43 other discussion threads.

Statin was mentioned to have side effects of anxiety and resentment for some patients. Yet it was found out in the forum that some GPs doesn’t address concern upon the patient’s experience with side effects. Hence, researchers of the study advised that GP’s should let patients’ be aware of their advice on medications per Medical Xpress.

"I am a GP and these findings have changed my own practice when I start patients on statins and when they consult about side effects,” Simoni shared. She explained that the changes include her offering multiple treatment options are available. Simoni also said that patients seeking help when not improving through the GPs advice and if side effects are occurring is important.

Nonetheless, the study was noted to be old as the data acknowledged to be used for the study was from the year 2004-2011. However, the study researchers advised other doctors to pay attention to online forums in studying other health issues as it aids in a much wider geographical location basis.

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