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Full Moon Calendar 2017: List Of Events With Date, Name & Time

Apr 11, 2017 01:37 AM EDT


Once a month the moon shows its full face to the earth, it is well known by everyone. A matter of fact is that the full moon is never perfectly full because a side of the moon is in shadow when the other side faces the planet. If the lunar eclipse case is considered, then the moon can be called as the full moon as the moon, earth and the sun is perfectly aligned.

According to Space, the year 2017's next full moon will be in the month of April and it will rise on Tuesday, 11 April 2017. This will be the first full moon appearance of the spring in the Northern Hemisphere and of fall in the Southern Hemisphere. This event is termed as "Pink Moon" and will be peaking at 2.08AM EDT.

Full moon occurring has different names for each month. This is so because, in the past, the Native Americans did not record the timings of the full moon with the help of Julian or Gregorian calendar. The tribes gave each occurrence a nickname to help them in keeping the track of the seasons. Most of the names are related to any kind of activity or any event which might have taken place at that month.

Here is the full moon calendar prepared by NASA for the year 2017 which mentions the different names of the event as well.

12 January 2017 - Wolf Moon - 6.34 AM (U.S. East)

10 February 2017 - Snow Moon - 7.33 PM (U.S.East)

12 March 2017 - Worm Moon - 10.54 AM (U.S. East)

11 April 2017 - Pink Moon - 2.08 AM (U.S. East)

10 May 2017 - Flower Moon - 5.43 PM (U.S. East)

9 June 2017 - Strawberry Moon - 9.10 AM (U.S. East)

9 July 2017 - Buck Moon - 12.07 AM (U.S. East)

7 August 2017 - Sturgeon Moon - 2.11 PM (U.S. East)

6 September 2017 - Harvest Moon - 3.03 AM (U.S. East)

5 October 2017 - Hunter's Moon - 2.40 PM (U.S. East)

4 November 2017 - Beaver Moon - 12.23 AM (U.S. East)

3 December 2017 - Cold Moon - 10.47 AM (U.S. East)

The full moon occurring on 11 April 2017 will be clearly visible in the night sky. People from New York City can view the full moon rising at 8.01 PM, from Newark; it will be visible at 8.02 PM and from Atlantic City, 8.02 PM. People from Philadelphia will be able to see the full moon at 8.05 PM.

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