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Android Free Apps 2014: Amazon Fire Phone Users Will Be Able to Use Skype, Microsoft Announces

Jul 25, 2014 01:47 AM EDT


Amazon Fire phone users will be able to instantly use the Skype app when the phone releases July 25, Microsoft announced Tuesday.

The company has worked with Amazon to bring the app to the Fire tablets, but the phone will have an enhanced feature for the Android app based on the phone's abilities.

"Through a widget that is visible from Fire's Carousel, users can easily see their chats and notifications at a glance, without having to launch the Skype app and open chats with a one-click action," according to Skype. "The customized Skype 3D icon and notification badge show Skype's use of Fire phone's innovative Dynamic Perspective technology."

The Dynamic Perspective technology is a new feature to the smartphone industry that uses four cameras on each corner fo the phone and motion sensors to help the phone track a users face.

By doing so, a user can start an app or pull down a menu just by tilting the phone, according to Amazon.

The cameras are all forward-facing on the phone's screen.

The announcement came on the day Microsoft revealed its fourth quarter fiscal 2014 earnings on conference call which also focused on the company's future goals, according to Zdnet.

"We are clear that our experiences are going to be available on all devices. We have a specific goal for multiple Microsoft applications to be available on every home screen," said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella

"Mobility for us goes beyond just devices," he said. "While we are certainly focused on building great phones and tablets, we think of mobility more expansively. We think the opportunity ... comes from running our productivity experiences on Windows, iOS and Android device(s)."

Nadella also revealed an upcoming addition to Skype features for fiscal year 2015. This includes a translator which Nadella said would be an additional tool and break communicatio barriers.

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