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U.S. Navy's Restored World War II Boat PT-305 Returns To The Water In Gallant Style

Apr 12, 2017 05:15 AM EDT


PT-305, the historic combat boat that took part in the World War II, has been restored and has hit the water with all new vigour. The 73 year old boat has been restored to function properly after a very long time of being out of action.

According to Fox News, the boat PT-305 operated during the World War II along the Mediterranean coasts of southern France and northern Italy. Powered by three 1500 horsepower engines, it was involved in 77 patrolling operations and offensive assaults. During its 14 months of deployment, PT-305 took part in 11 different fights. It is also accredited for sinking three German battleships during this period of time.

After the World War II was over, PT-305 was used as a tour boat in New York harbor. It was also used as a fishing charter from time to time. It needed rigorous repairing, which was provided to it by a team of 202 people, who worked for 105000 hours. All the repairing work was done under the supervision of the New Orleans Museum authority that purchased the boat in 2007.

According to Mail Online, Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans area is currently housing PT-305. The lake is an almost oval sized tidal basin that stretches 40 miles (65 km) and 24 miles (40 km) from north to south. Its vast reach lets PT-305 stretch its wings and surf freely through the water of the lake.

Reportedly, out of the members who served on the prestigious boat, one of the surviving veterans attended the dedication ceremony of PT-305. Another veteran, who used to serve on a sister boat, PT-308, also joined the ceremony. The attending ceremony was held on March 25th 2017.

Currently, the ex-World War boat is offering $15 tours and $350 rides to enthusiasts. Guests are forbidden to stand on the boat when it is in motion and strictly latch onto safety handles. Headphones are provided for the tourists by the authority to buffer the engines' noise and listen properly to the guide's voice during the tour.

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