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Microsoft Ends Official Support For Windows Vista Operating System

Apr 12, 2017 04:31 PM EDT

Product Boxes of Windows Vista Operating System Variants on sale at a retail store
(Photo : Justin Sullivan / Getty images) A display of Microsoft Windows Vista software is seen at a store in San Francisco, California.

Microsoft has officially ended all kinds of support for their obsolete Windows Vista operating system that they introduced in 2006. The new operating system at that time was expected to be a worthy successor to the popular Windows XP software that Microsoft was mainly known and popular for.

Windows Vista's official mainstream support had actually ended in 2012 with an extended support till 2017. On Apr. 11 this month, a Microsoft statement read that they are moving forward with advancements in technology and requests all Vista users to upgrade to the latest version, Windows 10.

Ars Technica in their report details about the tragedy of Windows vista. The upgrade was inevitable, but however, with advanced graphics requirements and changes in the UI, Vista posed a major concern for most desktop users.

Windows Vista required DirectX 9 class graphics for better performance especially the Aero Glass theme that was introduced part of the operating system. They introduced a new display driver stack called Windows Device Driver Module or WDDM that enabled 3D acceleration by utilizing the power of the GPU on board a system.

A statement from Microsoft Support now reads Windows Vista will no longer receive active updates which include security fixes, online technical support whether free or paid. With that said, they also caution users on the now obsolete environment about potential dangers with respect to security and internet access.

With the eventual downfall of their new operating system, Microsoft desperately needed to step in since their new operating system did not register a great user count with people mostly sticking to Windows XP for their daily computing needs. Hence, Windows Vista more or less paved way to a better and eventual successor when Windows 7 was released in 2009.

At the moment, Microsoft has completely eliminated sales for every operating system developed by themselves except Windows 10. Those looking for an upgrade eventually have to shell money to buy a Windows license.


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