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The Future Of SpaceX: Rockets Can Be Reused & Re-launched Within 24 Hours

Apr 13, 2017 03:57 AM EDT


Elon Musk has wowed the world with his dream and initiative to bring mankind to Mars. Just this week, his space travel agency called SpaceX has furthered impressed his spectators and the space traveling industry by making space travel much more affordable.

He did it by making his rockets 100 percent recyclable - and they are the first company to ever do so successfully. By the last week of March, they have not only refurbished their originally launched rocket at incredible speeds, they have also successfully re-launched it. With their goal of commercializing space flight, this recyclable feature of their rocket reduces rocket launching costs to only 30 percent, according to a report from Technology Review.

Econotimes also reports that SpaceX aims this land-refurbish-relaunch procedure to happen in less than 24 hours. This means that CEO Elon Musk aims to re-send a rocket back to space a day after it has landed. This goal is set for completion by 2018 and supporters of SpaceX are more than excited with the news.

One of the ultimate benefits to this goal is the increased volume of rockets being launched into space. If SpaceX plans to do it on a daily basis, this means that the company can send hundreds of rockets into space in just a year. If space travel is to be commercialized and SpaceX will be successful in doing so, this could mean that there will be a significant number of individuals that can reach space in just a year.

However, it is without a doubt that there are people who mistrust Musk's absurd goals. The problem is that the incredible speed for refurbishing and relaunching a rocket seems to be too good to be true and spectators are starting to question the safety of the rocket with regards to this objective. With only less than a year to achieve the goal, the question in everyone's mind is if Elon Musk can do it.

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