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AMD Ryzen 5: No To Single-Thread & Windows 10 Scheduler Bug

Apr 14, 2017 05:45 PM EDT

AMD Ryzen 5 on its weakpoints
(Photo : Salazar Studio/Youtube) AMD Ryzen 5 on its weakpoints

The AMD Ryzen 5, best for multi-threads encounters a weakness in single-thread. Likewise, a new bug in Windows 10 brings negative effects.

The Motley Fool claims that single-thread performance is the weakness of Ryzen 5 with the highest-end having six cores and 12 threads. In a 100% overall performance rating, the disadvantage of the Ryzen 5 can be about some 10% to 15%.

This single-thread disadvantage will fail the Ryzen 5 in performing applications such as opening PDF documents and games which only used few cores. And when compared to Intel's performance, Intel i5 is about 16.7% faster when opening PDF documents. This would mean somehow, that this disadvantage of the Ryzen 5 made it not so recommended for home and office use, but for gaming and high-end computer applications.

However, when it comes to applications which suggest the use of its full cores like encoding video, 3d rendering and compressing files, the AMD Ryzen 5 can provide the expected performance. Additionally, according to WCCFTech, the newly discovered bug in the Windows 10 scheduler has been found out to cause the negative effect in the performance of the AMD Ryzen processors, including the Ryzen 5.

The said Windows 10 scheduler cannot differentiate the principal core threads from the virtual SMT threads in Ryzen 5, which separate it from that of the Intel's CPUs wherein the Windows 10 scheduler works correctly. This particular situation of preferential prioritization of scheduling tasks which AMD Ryzen processors are not can possibly result in some artificial performance degradation.

Furthermore, the Windows 10 scheduler incorrectly identifies the currently available amount of cache per thread in AMD Ryzen CPUs, including the Ryzen 5. Fortunately, AMD had been informed of the issue and the company is currently working on to correct the problem.

To recall, Intel had the same issue before in its hyper-threading, but then with the use of few patches, the problem was settled. Hopefully, to give the AMD Ryzen 5 ultimate performance, AMD will work on the issues and incompatibilities with Windows 10 specifically on its scheduler as well as on the single-thread.

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