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Marijuana Use In Canada For Recreational Purpose Will Soon Get The Legal Permission

Apr 14, 2017 05:48 PM EDT

A closeup view of marijuana in a grinder as photographed on August 30, 2014 in Bethpage, New York.
A closeup view of marijuana in a grinder as photographed on August 30, 2014 in Bethpage, New York.

At last, the Canadian Government brings new legislation to legalize the use of marijuana for recreational purpose. The legalization process will be implemented from July 2018.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has finally kept the election promise by introducing a legislation to permit the use of the marijuana. The Canadian government will change the existing criminal law and simultaneously will provide the license to grow the cannabis, The Washington Post stated. A set of rules will also be produced for the product.

Interestingly, the U.S. federal government has provided no such permission like the Canadian government. Canada is famous for its large scale of industrialization. Now the country will be considered as the first in the world to give the permission for the recreational use of marijuana. Currently, Uruguay is the only country where cannabis production and use takes place hugely.

A good number of Canadian teens use marijuana, but the current law prevents them from taking it. This ultimately compels the teens to buy the cannabis from the illicit sources. The newly proposed system will permit a person to possess maximum 30 grams of cannabis. Even a person can grow four plants at home.

It is necessary that the plants will be only one meter high. The new legislation has set the age limit to use marijuana for recreation. Users should be at least 18 years old and above. The Canadian government has clearly indicated that those who will supply cannabis to the minors should face an imprisonment for 14 years.

The administration also declares that the Police must have the authority to examine the saliva of any driving person if necessary. The aim should be to check the level of drug in the blood. Some other signs like the reddened eyes or the smell of marijuana will also be considered as illegal offenses.

Medical use of marijuana was legalized in Canada from 2001, and the country is approaching to open a recreational market. Ralph Goodale, the Public Safety Minister of Canada, says that a good number of works needs to be done before implementing the proposed legislation. He utters that the previous law will remain as it is until the new one will be enacted.

So far the government has not decided an exact set of marketing rules of the cannabis products. Though, it is quite clear that no one can sell marijuana using the vending machines or adopting the self-service displays. A detail consultation with both the public and industry is necessary before any kind of implementation.

According to the Independent, smoking the cannabis products makes a man lazy. Continuous use of it decreases a person's willingness to perform any complex work. The individual will try to adopt an easy task even if it contains small reward. That means excessive use of marijuana brings negative impacts.

The Canadian administration will allow advertisement of cannabis only as a brand product like the tobacco. Foreign tourists must be allowed to smoke pot, but they are not permitted to possess marijuana. Those who will break this rule will have to face the legal consequences. Different provinces of Canada have to make a clear decision regarding the distribution of cannabis products.

The Canadian government has already completed an extensive consultation with the Colorado and Washington Officials about the use of marijuana as a part of business. It is true that the major portion of the public opinion goes to support the use of cannabis. On the other hand, some contrary words also exist.

The Canadian Psychiatric Association wants to increase the minimum age limit for the use of marijuana. The association opines that the users should be at least 21 years old to buy the cannabis products. Several health problems occur due to its excessive use. So a strict vigilance is necessary to avert any kind of serious problems.

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