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Vegetarian Company Beyond Meat Recalls Snacks With Peanut Traces

Apr 18, 2017 01:52 AM EDT

Beyond Meat Issues Recall Of Certain Feisty Crumbles Snack Products Said To Be Contaminated With Unlisted Peanuts
(Photo : Aaron Davidson/Getty Images for BEYOND MEAT) Peanuts is one of the known food allergens and Beyond Meat is recalling one of its products said to have traces of peanuts.

Los Angeles-based company Beyond Meat voluntarily recalled one of its vegetarian snacks after traces of unlisted peanuts were found contained in the product. The company is known for manufacturing food products that are plant-based often used by vegetarians as meat substitutes. Their products are made from a variety of ingredients like pea protein isolates, soy protein and yeast. Such products are available at Whole Foods Markets all over the country.

In a press release, Beyond Meat said they detected peanut traces in one of it products called Feisty Crumbles, according to Los Angeles Times. The recalled products consisting of five-pound and 11-ounce bags were sold in outlets in Southern California. The products were recalled considering that the peanut content was not listed and consumers who may have food sensitivities can suffer from an allergic reaction to peanuts. Those who will return the products can get a full refund from the company.

Beyond Meat recalled the peanut-contaminated snack products that belonged to three production lots. Among the Feisty Crumbles included in the recall are those with UPC Code 852629004415 Lot No. 20170202T and best before 2/3/2018,

2/2/2018, UPC Code 852629004613 Lot No. 20170202T and best before 2/2/2018, UPC Code 852629004415 Lot No. 20170209T and best before 2/9/2018. The recalled products, that were distributed to several stores and distributors in the area, will be destroyed. All other products manufactured by the company are not affected in the recall.

The company initiated the recall after they received an allergy-related complaint from a consumer, as per Beyond Meat. Aside from the recall, the company has immediately called for an investigation to determine the source of the contamination. It has assured consumers that this was an isolated incident and that all steps will be taken to ensure this will not happen again.

Peanuts are among the most common causes of food allergies. Such allergy can be fatal so those with allergic reaction to peanuts are advised to have access to an epinephrine auto-injector at all times. It is important to avoid products containing peanuts and to read the food labels to avoid peanut allergy.

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