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Martian Colony Could Be 3D Printed With The New Technology Invented By Northwestern Engineers

Apr 18, 2017 04:39 AM EDT


If human begin to establish a colony on Mars or Moon, they will need a limited amount of resources from the surroundings. The first colony on Mars could be 3D printed. It allows human on Mars to 3D print everything from tools to house using the rubber-like material.

Northwest Engineers have revealed the ability of 3-D print structure with follows of Martian and Lunar dust. Material scientist Ramille Shah said, "Every planet in space have a limited amount of resources, people would need to use that for survive". This new 3D printing technology is capable of printing different structures to make a resident beyond Earth.

Meanwhile, any trip to Mars would need a big spaceship in order to carry more fuel and all the things that human will need in their daily life. It would be impossible for the scientists. Now experts have claimed that in order to colonize the Mars, some supplements from the local environment will be required. Their goal would be to develop a super tool using the local resources.

Researcher Shah and her team used simulated dust based on real lunar and Martian samples. But synthetic dust contains mixtures of aluminum oxide, silicon dioxide, iron oxide and other compounds. According to the researchers, Martian simulated dust is made up of rounded and less irregular particles. While the hard particles reproduce the lunar surface often have imitated, as reported by Live science.

Recently, scientists amplify a process that mixes simulated lunar and Martian dust. This is a mixture of solvents and a biopolymer to create these extraterrestrial inks. Then, the inks can be used for 3D printing of different shapes by using an emitter. These objects are composed of 90 percent of dust, which is tough and flexible similar to rubber.

Researcher Ramille Shah reported this material can be cut, rolled, folded and shaped after being 3D printed. Currently, the researchers are trying to figure out the ways to fire this 3D printed structure. It is an optional process that can convert these rubbery polymers into ceramics like structure. Finally, researchers still believe that this new technology could open a new way to survive on Mars and other planets.

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