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GoPro Added Sennheiser MKE 2 As The Compatible Mic For Hero4 For Capturing High Quality Sounds

Apr 18, 2017 06:24 PM EDT

When everyone talks about action, adventure, sports, aerial and underwater photography with a small and lightweight camera then only one name comes to mind that is GoPro. Since the beginning of action photography, GoPro made a revolution, but it still disappoints users for its poor audio quality. The capability of capturing audio gets worse when the built-in microphone lives inside the waterproof housing.

To give users best audio experience in any condition, GoPro tied up with German-based audio company Sennheiser and introduced MKE 2. It is the first waterproof microphone that obtained approval of “Works With GoPro” stamp. MKE is engineered to capture crisp sounds in any environments including underwater recording.

According to Digital Trends, MKE 2 will hit the market on April 24. During the shooting wind noise is one of the greatest enemies of all videographers and Sennheiser also took care of this issue. The microphone shield can cut all unnecessary noises during the shoot. However, the MKE 2 is only compatible with the Hero4 model of GoPro.

Sennheiser’s commercial manager for broadcast and media, Achim Gleissner said,“In the world of action sports, uncompromising sound quality was still a summit to be scaled. The MKE 2 elements break through these barriers, so you can make your action cam footage even more intense with fantastic sound”. Twice reported that the microphone is built into the GoPro’s back piece of Hero4’s waterproof housing.

The MKE 2 is now available for pre-order, but it will be available from April 24 and the estimated price would be $199. However, currently MKE 2 Is only designed for the black and silver versions of the Hero4, but Sennheiser declared that the microphone will also work with the Hero5 model. Hero5 is the only model by GoPro that is truly waterproof without any housing or case. So Sennheiser has to install the microphone in a different way unlike the back-style attachment of Hero4.

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