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What To Expect For The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 After Several Delays

Apr 19, 2017 01:34 AM EDT


The much-awaited tablet, Microsoft Surface Pro 5 received several delays. After another failure announcement, what could be the tablet is up to?

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 had been through several delays of announcement this year. First, was at the Mobile World Conference MWC last February to March 2. While on this coming May 2 Microsoft Event, the Surface Pro 5 won't still be unveiled.

Fortunately, even though the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 release date is still hanging, fans and tech enthusiasts do not lose hope that it would come out this year. While waiting, TechRadar refreshed the list of exciting features of the Surface 5 as well as the price. It is time to save $899 for the Surface Pro 5 for it is the expected price of the tablet.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is much-awaited on its astonishing features revealed on the tweets of Microsoft Informant Paul Thurrott. Thurrott mentioned that the Surface Pro 5 will indeed feature the Intel Kaby lake Core i7 processor. Also, it will not use the once rumored USB-C but a Surface Connect propriety charger. However, for data transfer, it's not yet clear whether it will use USB-C ports.

Another remarkable feature of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is having the upgrade of the Surface Stylus Pen that will come along with the tablet. A leaked was revealed that the new Surface Pen will be rechargeable.

Meanwhile, to jump everyone's attention aside from waiting for the Microsoft Surface Pro 5, Forbes has reported a new Surface laptop that will be unveiled at the May 2 Microsoft Event. The said Surface Laptop reportedly has the capabilities to challenge Google Chromebook due to cloud storage feature.

Microsoft is pushing the Surface Laptop that is named as the Surface Cloud or CloudBook which will have its interesting launch next month. With all the features and specs of the new Surface Laptop, Microsoft can shift the attention of its fans from getting pressured waiting for the Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

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