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Christopher Ward C60 Trident Pro 600: Price, Specs, Range

Apr 21, 2017 02:21 AM EDT


The British company Christopher Ward is a latecomer to the watch scene. For a long time, it has created simple and less expensive products. The latest product is the C60 Trident Chronograph Pro 600.

Fans can be prepared to get excited about this $1,750 Christopher Ward C 60 Trident watch that sports a huge, thick 43mm case that is made of stainless steel, a ceramic bezel, and a self-winding ETA Valjoux 7750 movement. It is priced at $2,000. The stunning watch is as good as the Omega Seamaster Chrono or similar higher-end, non-diver chronograph watches. You would find them all in the local markets.

The Christopher Ward C 60 Trident watchmakers have programmed one set of a few pre-made movements. Even though it might not be too inexpensive and there might be better-known brands, still, the C60 is among the better products of Christopher Ward.

The reason why the Christopher Ward C 60 Trident Pro 600 is called 'pro' is because it can function pretty admirably in a number of inhospitable environments anywhere on the earth. It is a marine-grade stainless steel case that remains water-resistant right up to 600m/2000ft, according to Christopher Ward.

The Christopher Ward C 60 Trident is quite a hardy chronograph that is resistant to water up to 600 meters. It has a helium release valve that can release air pressure too if you go down to that level. As it has a lot of Superluminova on its hands, it can be read even in dim light. The running seconds seem to show that it is "breathing." Its little disk has a lumen surface. On the other hand, the tulip hour hand and sword minute hand look bright and luminous, according to Tech Crunch.

The Christopher Ward C 60 Trident, therefore, turns out to be a diver chrono that has pretty "baroque hands and a deep guilloche face with the nearly Comic Sans Christopher Ward logo" in one part. Still, you might like its rather "steampunk meets yachtmaster" air.

The range is interesting. Bracelet, Leather, and Rubber ranges are in the sizes of 38 mm to 43 mm. The Bracelet is priced at 940 pounds, while the Leather and Rubber are priced at 875 pounds.

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