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Sprint Expands Its Connection To The World, Customers Enjoy Free Internet Services

Apr 20, 2017 04:44 AM EDT

A sign is seen in front of the Sprint Nextel operational headquarters after Dish Network made a $25.5 billion bid for the company on April 15, 2013 in Overland Park, Kansas.
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Sprint's roaming plan now includes free 2G of data. In addition, Sprint customers can get these free lower-speed 2G roaming for email and Web surfing in 22 countries. However, faster 3G services are available for a much more expensive plan.

Sprint Corporation, an American telecom company, has added seven more countries to its list of nations where customers can get free International Value Roaming at 2G speeds. Countries include Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Germany, Guatemala, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Russia, South Korea, Spain and the United Kingdom. While, Colombia, Denmark, Honduras, Ireland, Italy, Paraguay, and Sweden are the new countries added just recently.

Per statement of Tom Roberts, senior vice president of marketing for Sprint in Eweek, "With summer vacations about to begin, we wanted to ensure our customers can stay connected while traveling internationally." Roberts also added, "Sprint International Value Roaming is now available in many of the most popular travel destinations in the world including Mexico, Japan, Italy, United Kingdom and more. Sprint offers our customers an excellent value with free international data roaming and unlimited text messaging, and we will continue to add more countries."

Under the International Value Roaming plan, the customers of Sprint can also send unlimited text messages with no additional charge and can call anywhere in the world from the said countries for 20 cents per minute. There is no extra charge to participate in the plan which the company said in their announcement.

But, what is a mobile data anyway? According to Opera, a mobile data is a wireless access to the internet through the phone's sim card which Sprint Company offers. Mobile data and WiFi are somewhat similar but the difference is the WiFi connects through a router that only works within a range, but it enables the users to access the internet for no additional charges.

Mobile data users can access the same content as Wi-Fi, including all the apps, games, emails, movies and more but it goes through the mobile carrier's network, and it can cause any additional fees to the terms of the data plan. But the advantage is, with the data plan, users can access the internet on anywhere within range of a network signal while Wi-Fi only works within the range of a router as Sprint company offers to its customers.

The big four mobile carriers such as Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile are always competing against each other in the marketplace to attract new customers by providing more developed services, more data, and lower monthly service rates.

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