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'Nematodes' Venom Can Save Agricultural Crops & Heal Auto-immune Diseases

Apr 24, 2017 02:06 AM EDT

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(Photo : Volker Kern/NASA/Getty Images) Recent study showed that nematodes, parasites living inside the body can kill insect pest in a day and can be a cure to irritable bowel movement.

Many believed that some parasites causes diseases with humans and are dangerous, however, there are these species of parasites called nematodes that are not harmful in fact these are beneficial. These parasites are used to develop a commercialized pesticide to control grubs, fungus gnats, and fleas over the agricultural crops and believed to cure some health problems.

On that account, Admin Dillman caught the attention of the benefits presented by these beneficial nematodes and led him to study their characteristics and behavior, which was published in PLOS Medicine. What Dillman found that these parasites secrete a poisonous protein that can kill thousands of insects, which are known to plague wide agricultural crops.

Nematodes are parasites that live inside the body of an organism. Dillman explained that these parasites will spit out venom inside its host and will turn it into an insect milkshake. But Dillman and his team were more focused on how these parasites specifically steinernema carpocapsae can kill thousands of pests that affecting agricultural crops.

Dillman and his team were able to gather 472 proteins from nematodes that are highly poisonous with insect pests affecting agricultural crops. As a matter of fact, this a good start to discover more things about how these parasites are beneficial to agriculture and medical field.

As of now, farmers are really looking at the brighter side on how these nematodes will help them with their agricultural crops. While in terms of medical application, according to News, these parasites were to believe that can cure auto-immune diseases like Crohn's diseases, irregular and irritable bowel movement and Celiac diseases.

By the meantime, everyone is waiting for a better result with this study and expect that these nematodes will soon be the best way to save agricultural crops and human lives. To know more about what is the best way to eliminate termites, click here.

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