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AMD Ryzen Boost Up: Ryzen Series Gets First Ever Mini-ITX Motherboard

Apr 21, 2017 07:40 AM EDT


AMD has just launched its newest a member of its Ryzen family: Ryzen 5. Now, AMD Ryzen series gets a big bump. Biostar, a well-known creator of world-class motherboards, has just evolved mini-ITX motherboards for AMD Ryzen processors. These are the first ever sets of mini-ITX motherboards specifically dedicated to AMD Ryzen family. Biostar has now unveiled two pieces of Ryzen based mini-ITX motherboards packed with the extraordinary range of specs and features.

According to Tom's Hardware, after the launch of AMD Ryzen 7 processors, tech fans were eagerly waiting for the appropriate series of motherboards which can match the pace and stream of Zen architecture based masterpieces with innovative AM4 sockets. Although, some tech giant evolved micro-ITX AM4 motherboards for AMD Ryzen series recently, but none of them was involved in developing mini editions of these. Therefore, Biostar, which already holds an ethnic reputation of bringing up revolution in the world of motherboards, came up with two mini-ITX models namely, the RACING X370GTN and RACING B350GTN. The report further suggests that there are not much difference in between this two motherboards.

As per a report by WccFtech, it was primarily thought that AMD Ryzen based mini-ITX motherboards will boast AMD X300 chipsets. But Biostar changed this definition by equipping higher end AMD X370 chipset in RACING X370GTN model and B350 chipsets in RACING B350GTN variant. Both the motherboards come with different price tag. Biostar RACING X370GTN motherboard is selling at $129, whereas RACING B350GTN is retailing at $20 less than the former: $109.

In terms of specs, RACING X370GTN motherboard packs two external SATA-III and PCI-E 2.0 Gen 2 lanes than RACING B350GTN model. Hopefully, Biostar would also evolve another entry-level AMD Ryzen based mini-ITX motherboard namely, RACING A320GTN which would pack with AMD A320 Chipset and will match up best with the strength of AMD Ryzen 5 processors.

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