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600-Year-Old New Jersey Oak Tree Will Be Cut Down Today

Apr 24, 2017 02:30 AM EDT


Not one but this tree has witnessed six centuries pass by. Unfortunately, the Oak tree in New Jersey has ended its marathon run and today it will be cut down by the authorities.

According to ABC News, The Oaktree is one of the oldest in New Jersey. For 6 centuries, the tree has been a well-known landmark of that area. Towering over a church, the Oak Tree has provided relief from the blazing sun for many seasons and has been a backdrop of countless photographs and memories.

Among the 600-year-old historical Oak Tree's famous patrons were Gen. George Washington, Marquis de Lafayette and the Rev. George Whitefield, an eminent evangelist. The 100 feet tall tree has a circumference of 18 feet at its trunk and its branches reach 150 feet wide. Off late, the imposing tree had started to show signs of weakness and looked rotten. Experts confirmed it is dead and it has to be taken down.

The decision to cut down the oldest New Jersey Tree has not gone well with the locals, among whom many have distinct memories associated with the famous Oak tree. The community is reluctant to let go a piece of their local history but they are well aware that its time is over. It will take two to three days to bring down the giant old tree. The authorities will first cut the large limb segments followed by its trunk.

According to CBS, the residents of Basking Ridge, New Jersey, and the Presbyterian Church tried their best to save the Oak tree but unfortunately, it was beyond the damage control. After being declared dead, the authorities decided to cut down the tree before it falls on its own and causes an untoward accident.

The dying tree will symbolically be immortalized in the form of another young Oak tree which was born out of the seeds of the same dying old tree. Residents believe the new tree will continue the legacy of the old one and create similarly unforgettable memories for future generations. 

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