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BlackBerry KeyONE Pricing & Availability In The U.S. Will Be Announced Soon

Apr 24, 2017 12:01 PM EDT


Recent reports about the BlackBerry KeyONE is acquiring the major portion of the discussion. Some recent teasers unveil information about the availability and pricing of the phone in the U.S.

According to the Android Authority, information about the availability and the pricing of the BlackBerry KeyONE in the U.S. will be declared next week. Steve Cistulli, the President and GM of the TCL Communication (TCT), has recently tweeted a beautiful image of the said handset resting on a retail box. He also utters that some key news about this smartphone will be surfaced next week.

It is now quite clear that the tech enthusiasts don't have to wait a longer time to cherish the BlackBerry KeyONE. The delay in releasing the handset has gathered a number of very strong competitors in the smartphone arena. When consumers are waiting to acquire the BlackBerry handset in the coming days, then LG G6 and Samsung's Galaxy S8 have already entered the market.

The typical fans of the BlackBerry handset are its strong side. Though, it is true that modern tech arena survives with new competition and strong contenders that can cover the victory lap. Obviously, BlackBerry KeyONE is not an exception in this case.

Currently, a major portion of the smartphone users is the Android fans. Now it is pretty sure that these fans will surely try to experience the elegance of the BlackBerry KeyONE handset. Sources say this new device is equipped with mid-range specs. The integrated keyboard with absolute security is the best feature of the phone.

Consumers always tend to pay a high price to get a high-end phone. Now it is time to see whether the BlackBerry KeyONE can enter that field or not. Reports are surfacing that the said handset features a rock solid body with a lot of interesting features from the company's own desk. It is nimble and one can easily handle this phone.

GSM Arena reported that the key focus behind the BlackBerry KeyONE should be a proper combination of the software and the hardware. The smartphone has a physical QWERTY keyboard that supports the touch-sensitive gestures. A touch display that comprises 4.5-inch screen boosts the interest of the tech users.

Though, it is not clear whether the BlackBerry KeyONE will be available with a high price tag in the U.S. market or not. Hopefully this time Blackberry will take initiative to allure the average consumers also. No doubt reports about the handset have already created enthusiasm among the people.

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