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AMD Vega Get's 'Just Around The Corner' As It Reveals More Details & Plans For Notebooks

Apr 24, 2017 05:41 PM EDT

AMD Vega Is Just Around The Corner
(Photo : TopTech Gaming/Youtube) AMD Vega Is Just Around The Corner

AMD Vega has been revealed more details of the lineup. The AMD event in China showcased that it's "just around the corner" now.

According to Droid Report, several AMD company Vice President and CEO claims the coming of AMD Vega in an AMD event recently held in China. And even its CEO Dr. Lisa Su mentioned about one of the company's big asset, but much awaited is the presentation of AMD's current Vice President Scott Herkelman.

Herkelman is a former general manager of Nvidia and co-founder of BFG- Tech. In his statement, Herkelman expressed that the company's AIB partners will be given a free run to pick the consideration of AMD Vega graphics card with such variety of memory capability options, Mobipicker reported. Furthermore, he said that AMD Vega will be indeed coming for notebooks featured by the Raven Ridge APUs.

In his example, Herkelman said that AMD Vega can be implemented with the use of HBM stacks with varying densities in 4GB and 8GB memory options giving some perspectives of 2-Hi, 4-Hi and 8-Hi stacks with the similar memory capacity of 1GB. Some more coming in the mysterious line-up of the AMD Vega is the Vega 10 which could have dual HBM2 and the smaller Vega 11 with single HBM stack.

On the other hand, Herkelman pointed out in his statement that the AMD Vega release would be of so much important to the company's plans for netbooks as it is known in being well-organized and can bring netbooks performance on top of the edge. However, as of now, it's still unclear whether the AMD Vega would come to netbooks carrying a new APU design or just an updated discrete graphics card or both.

Meanwhile, reports claim that the AMD Vega is coming very soon at the company's Summit in Beijing. Pundits were hinted when Herkelman said that, "it's just around the corner" in his statement as he even clarified that there are more demos and revelations coming in the next days.

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