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Asthma Treatment: Revolutionary Solution Found, Patients Share What They Want For Their Treatment

Apr 25, 2017 06:14 PM EDT


Asthma is an inflammatory disease of the airways of the lungs that affects over 235 million people. As patients share their treatment goals, a “radical” treatment that has linked asthma to a person’s diet was found by researchers.

According to New Times, Asthma is described to be one of the major non-communicable diseases (NCDs) along with cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer and the group of chronic respiratory diseases. Nonetheless, asthma’s treatment was stated to be prioritized to rid of it completely as the longer one has it, its impact on their life increases.

With that said, a study published in Academic Emergency Medicine (AEM) noted what asthma patients want in their treatment as Medical Xpress reported. Lead author of the study, Dr. Margaret Samuels-Kalow mentioned that the results of the extensive interview with patients were: symptom improvement, medication access, medication use, and asthma knowledge.

"This study represents an important conceptual advance in the care of emergency department patients with acute asthma, where worsening symptoms often result from poorly controlled, poorly managed chronic asthma, and where persistence of symptoms, relapse, and long-term recidivism is common after the emergency department visit," said Robert Silverman MD, MS of the Department of Emergency Medicine, Northwell Health, New York.

Furthermore, Silverman stated that a will-controlled emergency department would indeed aid asthma patients in the future to help them feel good even after leaving the hospital. Meanwhile, it was reported that a treatment developed by University of Newcastle's Priority Research Centre for Healthy Lungs revolutionized asthma treatment. The research team was mentioned to use fiber supplements to change the composition of bacteria in the gut.

The research team concluded that puffers don't work with obese persons that have asthma. Hence, diet is seen to have an impact to asthma. Another study presented along with the altering gut-microbiome treatment supports the thought of foods high in saturated fats could worsen inflammation and bring symptoms like coughing and chest tightness.

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