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Understanding Genes Could Be The Key To Have Perfect Diet

Apr 26, 2017 04:57 AM EDT

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There has been numerous diet invented and available over the internet, however,  a recent study advised that the best way to have the perfect diet is to know certain gene variants that can affect a healthy lifestyle. In fact, these variants were linked to a reason why there is people love chocolate while others prefer salty foods such as potato chips.

These gene variants are first linked to obesity risk while the other one is involved in hormone regulation. From here, researchers found that these are good evidence to how genes are related to one's person likes and dislikes, on how people prefer chocolate over salty foods and potato chips and can be a key to having a proper diet.

On that account, according to US News, researchers believed that this is a good opportunity for them to lead an individual to a proper and healthy diet with a proper food preference according to genetic variation. In fact, according to Lauri Wright, a registered dietitian in Florida, dieticians are also asking their client's type of gene and food preference and from there; dieticians will plan perfect dirt for them.

Also, Silvia Berciano, who led the research study, said that there is also a connection between a person behavioral traits and genes; hence these traits including depression and anxiety may be linked to eating habits like excessive eating of chocolates and salty foods.

For an instance, Berciano and her team found out that this FTO gene has a great correlation with obesity thru an intake of salty foods, via National Institutes of Health. While on the other hand, an oxytocin that is related to love hormone was linked to a greater consumption of chocolate.

While Berciano believed that understanding a person's gene is a good reason to know the right food for a proper diet. She included that this study can be a great use in the near future for creating diet plans.

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