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Insecticides Can't Stop Mosquitoes To Bite, Reproduce, Spread Malaria

Apr 26, 2017 02:52 PM EDT


Researchers discovered that mosquitoes could still lay eggs and bite humans even if they lose multiple legs due to insecticides whether it is indoor residual spraying or insecticidal beds. The study published in Scientific Reports mentioned that their findings are important in assessing insecticide efficacy in malaria control.

According to Science Daily, leg loss is common in mosquitoes after being struck by insecticidal nets or insecticides. However, researchers from the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine discovered that one or two legged mosquitoes could still be able to bite humans and lay eggs.

"We conclude that studies of pyrethroid efficacy should not discount mosquitoes that survive insecticide exposure with fewer than six legs, as they may still be capable of biting humans, reproducing, and contributing to malaria transmission,” study’s lead author Dr. Alison Isaacs stated.

Isaacs then hoped that their study may aid in the future control of malaria and delve into the interaction of insecticides versus mosquitoes. She also hoped that their study will make the WHO re-evaluate their guidelines as they may be overestimating the use of insecticidal bed nets. The research team added that they need a larger work and field to see whether the results from the insecticide efficacy are still the same.

Meanwhile, insecticidal bed nets in Kenya are now being used in alternative ways as IOL reported. It was mentioned that many of the people’s nets are being torn due to many reasons like expired, old, has big holes and some as ineffective. As there are no specific guidelines from WHO with reusing the bed nets, citizens themselves were discovered to think outside the box.

Dr. Lydiah Kibe from Kenya explained that insecticidal bed nets should be used in a way that it still aids malaria control. Reusing insecticide-induced nets as window screens and covering water wells were considered as innovative. Using them as a source of income was mentioned as well like making it as ropes which could be sold.

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