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AMD Releases Updated Ryzen Drivers For Windows 10 Users

Apr 27, 2017 04:14 PM EDT

A logo of Microsoft’s new Windows 10 operating system displayed on a tablet device in New York City
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AMD has released a new set of drivers for all Windows 10 64-bit operating system environments. AMD after a long time has finally come out with their new generation of computer processors to compete with their primary rivals Intel corporation.

The new set of AMD Ryzen Drivers for Windows 10 automatically installs and activates an AMD 'Ryzen-balanced' power plan which gives total control to the processor while raising clock speeds. Switching from a windows-defined power plan to the one set by AMD will make sure the processor will now control the power state of the operating system.

Going into more details about the new drivers, a Tom's Hardware report mentions that the average transition between windows-defined sleep states take 30ms to come into effect while AMD's Ryzen balanced power plan will make sure the transition is lowered to just 1ms. However, one of their experts feels that the new performance power plan isn't fully power-efficient.

Ryzen v1.70 Drivers for Windows 10-64 bit operating system will maximize the performance by adjusting the power states of the operating system. The following details from Digital Trends mention that even if Windows 10 is natively configured for a balanced power plan, the new change will likely mean that the benefit from AMD's newly configured power plan will see a significant boost in performance. 

A graphical representation on the website reveals the benefits of the new power plans which affects some games like Watch Dogs 2 by a huge margin. Apart from Watch Dogs 2, games like Dota 2, Battlefield 1 too can greatly benefit from the new changes part of the latest AMD Ryzen Drivers for the operating system.

To enable the new Ryzen-balanced power plan, AMD Ryzen users will first need to download and install the latest chipset drivers released recently which will then automatically enable the new power plan in power options from the Control panel. 


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