Dec 15, 2018 | Updated: 09:51 PM EST

Intel Optane Is Top-Class Memory With Extensive Speed

Apr 27, 2017 04:49 PM EDT


Among all other rivals of its similar potential, Intel has had been shining star throughout years and more for its spectacular range of memory masterpieces. Perhaps, this popularity has now been elevated to another stage with Intel Optane Memory Series. The new line of memory is said to revitalize storage and operative system on compatible devices. The memory substance is also hinted to increase transfer capacity securing lesser latency.

According to Gamespot, Intel Optane Memory uses an innovative type of Non-Volatile Memory Express technology named as 3D XPoint. Intel alongside its potential partner Micron jointly developed this new 3D XPoint memory technology, which carries an immense number of similarities with earlier branch of  NAND flash memory technology. But Intel recently claimed that 3D XPoint Memory packed 'Optame' is 1000 times faster than the previous sort of memory technology. Besides these, Intel Optane Memory comes with better endurance alongside certain similar qualities of DRAM.

As per a report by Hot Hardware,  Intel Optane Memory boasts some of the extraordinary range of features. The memory capacity ranges with two options: the primary is a 32 GB and the higher-end variant takes 64 GB panel. The memory technology supports both read and write capabilities with Intel's Rapid Storage Technology. Intel Optane Memory Technology bases on a PCIe drive based on the M.2 2280 form factor. The memory uses an HDD boot drive with superlative caching speed for multiple application driving.

All and all, Intel Optane Memory Technology is just the right option for those who are engaged in development tasks of numerous website, apps, games and more things. The memory system ensures top performance with 7th Generation of Intel Core processor family. The 16 GB variant comes with the price tag of $44, while Intel Optane Memory 32 GB edition costs $77. 

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