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Animals Prefer Active Background Choice To Avoid The Detection Of The Predators

Apr 28, 2017 03:05 PM EDT

(CHINA OUT) Hairy crabs for sale are seen at a market on Junshan Lake November 2, 2007 in Jinxian County of Jiangxi Province, China
(Photo : China Photos/Getty Images) A current research study unveils an interesting fact that animals are capable enough to avoid the detection of the predators by actively choosing their background.

Searching for safety is a natural process, and animals are no exception in this case. They take initiatives to match their background in order to avoid detection by the predators.

It is the first priority of every living being on this earth to avail protection from any kind of threat or danger. Animals also belong to that category. Most of them have the ability to match their background. Their key aim behind this process is to avoid any kind of detection by the predators, according to EurekAlert.

A good number of species can evolve the color that allows them to blend into the close surroundings. This phenomenon is called crypsis. Several new research studies have revealed that a good number of animals or species are standing on the verge of extinction. Some others are losing their members rapidly.

A recent experimental study has pointed out that ghost crabs exist in the popular Solomon Islands may able to achieve crypsis. They achieve this by actively choosing the sand background as their shelter. This background provides the similar color that exists in the body of the crabs. In a word, different kinds of species or animals have the quality to avail anti-predator adaptations.

A new study by the biologists of the University of Miami unveils the fact that crabs, which possess dark coloration naturally select the dark sand. On the other hand, crabs that have light coloration prefer the light sand. But, those with the intermediate color don't have any particular choice, because they don't match either sand. That means any living being whether it is a crab or an animal must try to avail crypsis.

Dr. Floria Uy, the lead author of the popular Biotropica article, opines that choosing the proper background by the animals is a common fact. But, in many cases, it is difficult to understand whether the selection is an active choice or a change in color. It can also be a combination of the two. The abstract of the research study is available in the famous journal Biotropica.

One thing is clear from the research study that adaptation is a common feature most of the animals try to avail. Crypsis is the ultimate outcome of this feature. Active background choice is the most common way to achieve it.


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