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Google Leak Reveals Google Pixel 2 XXL & Three More Android Fish Codenamed Pixel Devices

Apr 30, 2017 08:09 AM EDT

Google Pixel 2 XXL Leaks
(Photo : CTNtechnologynews /Youtube) Google Pixel 2 XXL Leaks

A leak revealed what Google is cooking for its fans. Google Pixel 2 XXL and three more pixel devices are coming.

A leak almost confirmed the coming of Google Pixel and Pixel XL successor, the Google Pixel 2 XXL. The variety of leaks revealed that the company is silently working on three new models of Android Pixel devices with the codenames of fishes, Forbes reported.

Three Pixel 2 codenamed devices that are referenced with Android Open Source Platform or AOSP is reportedly coming via leaks from a German site WinFuture. The three Pixel 2 devices use codenames such as "muskie," "walleye," and "taimen."

According to HotHardware, muskie, walleye, and taimen are three large species of fish. Moreover, the three new Pixel 2 devices are said to be aligned with the Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 SoC processor, the newest processor that runs on the latest high-end devices like the Samsung galaxy 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus smartphones.

Meanwhile, this new Google Pixel 2 XXL devices are expected not to be budget phones for it uses such expensive but full performance processor. Also, ever since, Google has been using its own codenames for its devices which are most of the time fish or even aquatic mammals giving the buyers hints on its size.

Specifically, before the coming of Google Pixel 2 XXL, in 2012, Google has released its Mako, the 4.7-inches Nexus 4. This was followed by the Hammerhead codename in 2013, the 5-inches Nexus 5. Next is the Shamu in 2014, the 6-inches Nexus 6.

Afterward, Google released its Bullhead and Angler in 2015 wherein the Bullhead is a 5.2-inches Nexus 5X, while the Angler is a 5.7inches Nexus 6P. And last 2016, Google released the Sailfish, the 5.1-inch Pixel and the 5.5-inch Pixel XL codenamed Marlin.

And this 2017, Google Pixel will surely join the party of the latest phones with its Google Pixel 2 XXL. However, Google already warned that the phone will be expensive.

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