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Cities Prepare For Harmful Climate Change Effects: Rising Water Levels & Temperature Spikes

Apr 30, 2017 11:28 PM EDT

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Rising water levels and higher temperatures are expected due to climate change the world is facing. It has now come to a point that what man had done, man shall answer for it. The abuse and wanton neglect of mother nature is a result of Climate Change and it is back with a vengeance. Cities all over the world are panicking of what is to come.

Temperature spikes will hit all cities as a result of the polar caps ice denuding the arctic poles, rising ocean levels will augment the tragedy. Studies show that a rise of 2 meters in water levels equates to 200 million displaced inhabitants from coastal cities. The temperature in the cities will be hotter than underdeveloped areas due to concrete surfaces surrounding the city. Concrete absorbs heat more than vegetative land. It is what experts call the "Urban Heat Island (UHI) Effect" .

A research paper summarizes what is in store for the planet if CO2 is not removed from the atmosphere and emissions continue unabated. Belgium will have a rise of 10 degrees Celsius for 25 days in the summer time by the middle of this century. Heat waves will occur in increased frequencies in Southern Europe and more intense in the North, reports the China Post.

As if this is not enough of a retribution, floods will happen frequently in the dense population of European cities, caused by the Arctic polar meltdown. Molten ice will pour into the earth's oceans and raise water levels. In Southeast Asia, precipitation will exceed normal limits by 20 percent, according to a Vienna-based researcher, reports Physic.Org.

Cities of the world are ill-equipped to handle climate change's wrath. Governments are now looking for solutions for infrastructures, food supply, power generation and all the necessities in life to provide and protect its citizens. A critic commented that it would have been convenient to have treated the cause than to panic now and find a cure for the abuse that nature suffered in man's hands.

One way to bring high temperatures down is by doing a Japanese method of cooling surface temperature that they call Uchimizu, a technique from the 17th century. It is done by collecting rainwater and sprinkling it around their abode for cooling effect.

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