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Scientists Prep Medical Rulebook Addressing Astronaut's Health Issues Due To Space Travel

May 03, 2017 01:26 AM EDT


Scientists are making the medical rulebook that will guide the astronauts as they brave the deep space. With the renewed interest in colonizing the Moon and planet Mars, coupled with other space explorations, scientists believe in the need for focus in the terrestrial human health. The current trend is reminiscent of what transpired during the 60s and the 70s when Apollo missions catapult to space.

Experts from the joint pool of the University of Plymouth and Newcastle's Northumbria University are writing the medical rulebook. According to Dr. Andrew Winnard, he realized while working with the European Astronaut Center that there are studies about the health impact of space travel. However, most of these data are bits and pieces, no one really compiled them into a medical rulebook.

Winnard called the field as aerospace medicine - much like the normal medical field, only that it is focused on space programs. He said that there is a possibility of some adverse effects of space travel, Phys.Org reported. The medical rulebook aims to address and mitigate such effects.

Winnard also stressed that the medical rulebook can benefit not only astronauts who engage in space travel. Other fields like the aviation, both civil and military, can refer to the rulebook as well to ensure that they will stay fit and healthy. Further, medical practitioners on the ground can also learn proper diagnosis from the aerospace-based medical rulebook.

To recall, an NBC News report said that one of the common health problems that astronauts complain are heart diseases. A previous study suggests that an increased dose of deep space radiation caused these problems. With such problems, a medical rulebook might help mitigate the risks.

The aerospace medical rulebook also emphasizes on the Functional Re-adaptive Exercise Device or FRED. The FRED is intended for minor problems such as back pain among astronauts. However, a similar approach can be employed to make the rehabilitation an essential component for people who will go into space travel.

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