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Urban Farming Gains Foothold in New York, Hundreds Express Interest to Go Green

May 03, 2017 01:41 AM EDT

Urban farming is an established industry in some parts of Europe, yet it is being replicated in many parts of the globe.
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Living in an urban area is not a hindrance when it comes to farming. A group of young entrepreneurs in New York is learning how to build an urban farm without soil and utilized an indoor psychedelic light. More so, the urban farmers of Square Roots grow plants, are vying for local customers, and competes with the industrial farming trend.

While urban farming is not an entirely new industry, co-founder Tobias Peggs said that they are offering something more. In a market where food is grown just everywhere, consumers are looking for trustworthy farmers. This means opening up the process of farming and how the were grown through an organic procedure.

Urban farming is an established industry in some parts of Europe, particularly in the Netherlands. However, it is still in its infancy in the United States, Phys.org said. Interestingly, it took the 45-year old British Peggs and Kimbal Musk to start Square Roots from grounds up. Kimbal is the brother of Tesla Motors' business magnate Elon Musk.

Peeking inside the urban farming method of Square Roots, it actually looks like a scientific laboratory. Plants are grown vertically to save space and the artificial environment is meticulously controlled. Further, a self-sustaining hydroponic system is feeding and irrigating the plants with nourishments.

Meanwhile, Wylie Goodman of Cornell University agrees that there is a growing demand for good food in the US. In fact, the current trend of wealthy costumers who are willing to pay for fresh greens is expanding fast. Even those who can't afford the price are innovating in their own ways with a similar approach like rooftop gardens. From there, they are actually embracing the idea of urban farming in the bustling metropolis.

Square Roots is a testament to how contagious the trend of urban farming is. In fact, hundreds of people who saw the idea are asking Peggs' team on how to setup the farm themselves. This is in line with the team's ethos that they can spread urban farming across all major cities in the United States.

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