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Anti-Climate Change Advocates Protest Against Trump Administration Amidst Intense Weather Conditions

May 03, 2017 01:23 AM EDT

Climate Marches Take Place Across Country
(Photo : Marc Piscotty/Getty Images) Hundreds of protests are happening in the U.S. to air their dismay over Trump's lukewarm policy on climate change. The People's Climate Change March are happening in Boston, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, among other major cities.

Neither snow, rain nor scorching heat derailed the thousands of attendees for an anti-Trump climate change policy protests. A series of mass protests on Sunday ironically coincide with the new administration's 100th day in office. To recall, environmentalist groups lambast Trump's rollback on environmental protection.

The multi-location protests spread across several states albeit varying weather conditions. Tens of thousands from the People's Climate March gathered in Washington, D.C. as the temperature rose to grueling 90 degrees. Hundreds of other similar protests are happening in the U.S. to air their dismay over Trump's lukewarm policy on climate change. Protests are happening in Boston, Denver, San Francisco, and Seattle as well. The Trump Tower in Chicago wasn't spared as the crowd braved the rain to deliver their pro-environment message.

The organizers stressed that there is no alternative to Earth and any damage done against it will ultimately effect back on its inhabitants. While the Trump administration takes the back scene in the climate change and research on the safety of vaccines, hundreds of other similar protests spread like wildfires in major cities across the globe, according to Phys.Org. They also lambast Trump for calling the climate change as a hoax.

President Trump has previously issued a statement that the climate change idea is a made up notion of scientists. He also said that global warming is imaginary. With these arguments, Trump started firing back at the climate change initiative by cutting one-third of the Environmental Protection Agency funding, the CNN said.

Meanwhile, in Maine, the protesters lament of climate change impact on livelihood. Some 2,000 locals gathered in the State House in Augusta where they listen to lobsterman Richard Nelson. He said that he witnessed a first-hand account of the impacts of climate change, especially in the coastal communities that depend on fisheries. Another speaker is Saharlah Farah who stressed that climate change and the subsequent withdrawal of Trump's support to the initiative will affect those who have limited resources.

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