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Supercomputers End Traditional Development Process to Discover New Chemotherapy Drugs

May 02, 2017 08:15 AM EDT

Discovering new drugs through super computing
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Scratch the old one as a new and more advanced method in developing medical treatment is now being exploited by researchers. Cancer has been a tough nut to crack for many experts in the field of medicine but to further gain upper hand in this battle against the disease, the use of supercomputers end the traditional development process to discover new chemotherapy drugs that could kill cancer cells.

As reported by Science Daily, supercomputers end the traditional development process as researchers from the Texas Advanced Computing Center utilized the latest technology in their quest to discover new chemotherapy drugs. The institute decided to use a modern type of method in its three projects focused on eradicating cancer in a person's body.

Stressing the importance of supercomputers that end the traditional development process, Matt Vaugh, the firm's chief on Life Science Computing said that this program serves as a "cornerstone drug design and the theoretical testing of drugs." Supercomputers play a significantly enormous role in this three projects as they are responsible for screening, molecular modeling and evolutionary analyses of data through more comprehensive computational methods.

Supercomputers end traditional development process as it caters experts an artificial intelligence responsible in a high performance and virtual-based computation of screening strategies, which is less time-consuming and is more accurate. Through this technology, experts can now easily observe and compute how a huge amount of tiny molecules bind or form, a sign that it the specimen is a potential candidate for drugs. Meanwhile, according to Rdmag, this modern process can help researcher discover new chemotherapy drugs by aiding them in novel simulations, new molecular insight.

Rommie Amaro, a professor from the University of California, said that people do not associate this modern technique when talking about cancer research but forgot the great impact of the biophysical models to science and to people. While supercomputers end traditional development process to discover new chemotherapy drugs, people are also looking forward to putting an end to this killer disease: cancer.

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