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Rhode Island Represents The First Offshore Wind Farm In The U.S.

May 02, 2017 06:29 PM EDT

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The first offshore wind farm in the U.S. begins generating power in Rhode Island. A remarkable successful initiative that explores the benefits of the renewable energy source.

According to WPRI 12 Eyewitness News, the Block Island Power Company has shut down the diesel generators on Monday. The company has transferred the existing electrical grid and simultaneously stop the use of one million gallons of fossil fuel, diesel annually. Five turbines, built by the Deepwater Wind Company, began their journey in generating electricity for the mainland grid in last December 2016. In a word, Rhode Island has adopted the use of the wind power.

The next step was to connect the Block Island with the new cable. A decade ago power generation was started in the Rhode Island. Now the current transfer of the existing grid to avail the wind power finally gets the ultimate shape of using the renewable energy.

The Westerly Sun reported that Gov. Gina Raimondo says the industrial revolution in America began the journey from Rhode Island. Now with the transition to the wind power, the state is again leading the renewable revolution. She is very happy with this revolutionary change.

Jeffery Wright, the President of the Block Island power company, utters significantly about the use of wind power. He reveals that generating electricity from wind power can save almost $30 per electric bill of 2000 customers in the Block Island. Wright also adds that customers will feel the cost savings in the next monthly bills. The five turbines that generate electricity in the Rhode Island constitute the first U.S. offshore wind farm.

The Deepwater Wind Company reveals that it has spent $300 million to build the turbines. Ratepayers of the Rhode Island will take 20 years to pay this amount through their electric bills. According to Jeffery Wright, one-sixth part of the electricity is powering the Block Island, and the rest is delivered to the mainland.

Jeffrey Grybowski, the CEO of the Deepwater Wind, utters that the company will add no new turbines to the wind farm of the Block Island. But the company has plans for the long term to establish up to 200 turbines to the Long Island, New York. Those turbines may eventually generate power for the electric grid of the Rhode Island.

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