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Successful Women Of STEMM-Australia Inspiring Young Girls For Careers In Successful Women In Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, & Medicine.

May 02, 2017 06:51 PM EDT

STEMM Australia is taking steps to inspire young girls to take up career paths in Science,Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine to close in the gender gap.
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Successful women in Science,Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine (STEMM) are searching for more female involvement in their fields of expertise. STEMM Australia will identify women of STEMM who are in the prime of their careers and develop them to become role models for young aspiring girls wanting to pursue a career in their chosen interests.

STEMM Australia will choose among its top 30 celebrities in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine. STEMM will equip these 30 successful female professionals with tools that will prepare them to be role models to young girls. STEMM is also in collaboration with the Science In Australia Gender Equity (SAGE) program in promoting gender equity and diversity in (STEMM).

The aim of STEMM is to have equal gender representation of men of women in their fields of practice. Views of women in the field of science and technology are judged on what their image reflects and not what she is made of in terms of professional capacity. This is what STEMM would like to improve, reports The Conversation.

The Women of STEMM, in working with the SAGE program of Australia has a declaration that they need women in science. The Australian Academy of Science and in partnership with the Academy of Technology and Engineering runs SAGE.

Microsoft conducted a study in Europe that girls show their interests in STEMM fields at the early age of 11. Upon reaching 15 years old, their enthusiasm for the subjects fades which is a critical point in their lives in choosing a career path to pursue.

STEMM administrators now know that it lacks STEMM role models for the young to look up to and inspire them to choose a scientific and technological course. The first year of the STEMM project will find the top 30 women deployed in public media and appearances to spark female awareness among the young aspiring scientists, engineers, technologists, mathematicians, and doctors of the feminine future. STEMM will be equipping the role models with tools of persuasion and confidence, reports UNSW Science.

The success of the STEMM and SAGE programs will be measured with the presentation of female candidates to STEMM offices and be applying for a career in the fields. Women are needed in the fields to work at par with men.

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