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Britain's Environment In Far-Flung Areas At Risk Because Of Brexit Distraction, Budget Cuts

May 03, 2017 03:28 AM EDT


Environment ministers have warned officials about the current status of the wildlife and the environment in far-flung British territories. According to their latest report, the status could be attributed to the budget cuts and getting distracted by the controversial Brexit.

In an article published in BBC, there is ongoing confusion among government departments on which should be the one accountable for the territories. The government of Britain called on the criticisms unfair and boasts the creation of large marine protection areas.

Currently, the United Kingdom holds jurisdiction of over 19 British Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies. These are parts of the Britain's empire that have not been given independence.

Britain's lands hold an extraordinary abundance of rare species. Almost 84 percent of UK's endemic and endangered species, which are found nowhere else in the world, are located in the outposts of the former empire.

Examples of these endangered species found in Britain's environment are Montserrat mountain chicken, the Spiky yellow woodlouse, and the Grand Cayman blue iguana. The Montserrat mountain chicken is a giant frog while the Spiky yellow woodlouse only exists on St. Helena.

The islands of Britain are deemed to be highly vulnerable to climate change. However, ministers complained that the government almost cut the Foreign Office spending into half in terms the climate. Representatives of the territories, ranging from Bermuda to Pitcairn and Gibraltar - joined the meeting of the UK Overseas Territories Conversation Forum, located on the Channel Island of Alderney.

These representatives also said that the budget cuts had eroded the capacity of researchers and experts in the Joint Nature Conservation Committee, the ones who were always offering conservation advice. The delegates of Alderney also attributed the decisions on funding after the civil servants who have been supporting these Britain's territory were distracted by Brexit.

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