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Slender Faced People Likely Left Handed, Tuberculosis, & Psychosis Prone

May 04, 2017 07:13 PM EDT


Researchers have made studies on how this facial feature links the left-handedness of an individual and the susceptibility of a person to suffer the dreaded disease of tuberculosis (TB). Results found that a convexed shaped facial person tends to be left- handed in subjects exposed to this investigation.

The study involved 13,536 subjects from three national surveys in the United States led by Philippe Hujoel, a professor from the school of Dentistry from the University of Washington. His published investigation in the journal "Laterality" entitled: Asymmetries of Brain, Body, and Cognition. He found out that the slender facial feature of having that convex shaped, narrow jaw tends to have a 25% leaning of being a lefty, reports Nature World News.

The facial "overbite" distinction of the slender jaw appearance is common in the protagonists of the study. The overbite terminology comes from the condition of an upper and lower jaw with the lower jaw sliding a bit backward. The findings of these features add up to data of an individual having to be left-handed. One out of five youngsters have these features in the U.S.

Besides being prone to TB, left-handedness is also associated with psychotic problems. Yale researchers found that 40% of their subjects suffering from schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorders are left-handed. People with psychosis are those that have gone haywire in their mental proximity. The systemic correlation linked the left-handedness condition to this disorder.

On the other hand, the data is found to link the susceptibility of having tuberculosis via its roots from genetic polymorphism as being a lefty. The population of countries with a significantly supports the study like the United Kingdom in Western Europe. It is known as the Tuberculosis capital of the region where slender faced people abound and left-handedness is common. The Eskimo populace is shown in their artworks to be right-handed in handling their wares and is a race resistant to tuberculosis, reports Tech Times.

Professor Hujoel stated that his study of slender facial feature recognition and left-handedness are aspects that are susceptible to dreaded tuberculosis. The low body weight of these slender facial features are considerations by the Center for Disease Control and prevention tainting the person prone to TB.

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