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NASA Visualization Explorer App Launches On Android Platform: Available In Google Store Now

May 04, 2017 07:34 PM EDT

NASA Visualization Explorer App now available for Android
(Photo : NASA Official/NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center) The app features data visualizations developed by NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio, Earth Observatory, Science @NASA and others.

NASA originally launched its space exploration based application named NASA Visualization Explorer App in 2011. In the beginning, the app was solely developed for Apple's iPads only. Later, in the later part of 2014, NASA Visualization Explorer App made its official debut on all other Apple's iOS-based devices. Now, in its bid to constant more on a vast audience request, NASA just unveiled it tremendous app on Android platform. The users of all types of Android devices having Android 5.0 or greater edition would be able to take up the advantage of this app.

According to NASA, the app is basically made to flaunt space-based data visualisation which is developed by NASA's Scientific Visualization Studio, Earth Observatory, Science @NASA and other major units related to the space research giant. Generally, it reveals latest observations and current research evolved by NASA through its study of Earth, the moon, the sun, our solar system and the universe beyond. In NASA Visualization Explorer App, stories related to various earthly and universal explorations are released on each Monday. These consist movie, video clips or stills of images coupled with short text-based descriptions for the proper explanation of all the contexts.

Phys. org noted that the recent stakes include the 3D viewing of world's carbon dioxide layers, erupting water plumes on Jupiter and the path of this summer's total solar eclipse across North America. The app has now been launched as a beta version having 525 stories with more latest takes updated on each Monday. However, the official authority has hinted to expand NASA Visualization Explorer App based on the public review. Therefore, NASA is also welcoming feedbacks from Android user who would go for the app.

NASA Visualization Explorer App can be downloaded from Google App Store for free on any Android devices having 5.0 or greater version of the OS. Moreover, users can write down their feedback in the main menu of the app. Else they can send their comments on the same through the developer email address found on the NASA Viz App's official page in Google Store.

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