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Microsoft Introduced Windows 10S Education PC To Educate Students Through Basic Office App

May 04, 2017 07:31 PM EDT

Microsoft in Education: Student Focused. Teacher Inspired
(Photo : Microsoft in Education/You Tube Screenshot) New student-focused, teacher-inspired tools for Windows 10 and Office 365 that save teachers time, make school technology management easy and engage students in more creative ways.

Microsoft lighted the competition with Chromebook by introducing its Windows 10S Education PC during an event in New York City. The company desires to be part of the procedure in educating each school children through their basic Office applications.

 Microsoft knows that with regards to the educational aspect, Google is dominating, as what was stated by The Register, more than 50 percent of American kids in school is utilizing a Chromebook as a guide to their reviews or studies. It is a quite great number and Microsoft needed to have a good place in the realm of students' life. The Education market is known to be controlled by Chromebook for a long while now and in order for Microsoft to enter this market, it needs to facilitate its system.

 What's more, it must give simple usefulness and offer clients with a moderate value, The Verge commented. After all Windows 10S Education PC is deliberately for students and even educators that apparently doesn't get much for a compensation. The Windows 10S Education PC is said to have the most recent Windows 10 S as its operating system, which will only run applications from Windows Store only and this is supposedly anticipated that would overwhelm the Chrome OS. This may sound odd however Microsoft attested that soon the Office applications will be accessible at Windows Store and Office 365 is free for students and also for educators.

 As per Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, technology is only an instrument and not the absolute answer for education and instructors or teachers are the bullets while Microsoft is their means in teaching their students. In accordance with this, the company he is leading is contributing a streamlined operating system exactly what Windows 10S Education PC is proposed for. Nadella likewise stressed about groups inside the classroom during his discourse at the NYC event and it's like revealing some insight for the coordinated effort software from Microsoft.

 During the Microsoft's press event an instructor displayed regarding Microsoft Teams that will be featured on Windows 10S Education PC's Office 365 for Education. The instructor clarified that each class can have their own particular Team, students can visit with each other yet the educator has the control in the entire discussion. There are also ranges that can be determined for lesson plans and home works and absentees can catch up to speed their lessons through Teams.

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