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Samsung Galaxy Book Is More Than A Direct Competitor for Microsoft Surface Pro 5

May 05, 2017 03:45 PM EDT


As Microsoft prepares to launch Microsoft Surface Pro 5, technology enthusiasts look forward to seeing how the new device will be compared with Samsung Galaxy Book. However, competition between Samsung and Microsoft is more interesting, because of the connection between both companies.

When Samsung announced that its Samsung Galaxy Book would use Windows 10 as the operating system of its professional device, the interesting competition begins. This fact, according to Forbes technology analyst, Ewan Spence is a victory for Microsoft Surface. It is because Microsoft has already learned some lesson from the Windows 10-powered Galaxy Book, before launching its Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

Samsung Galaxy Book was launched at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona last March as the primary contender of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5. It posed a serious competition with the earlier version of the Microsoft Surface device. As Samsung equips its mobile device with the LTE connection, which is not available in Microsoft Surface Pro 4.

Furthermore, Samsung Galaxy Book is equipped with Samsung's advanced display technology, Super AMOLED with FHD resolution. While in term of the processor, Galaxy Book is powered with the latest processor from Intel, the seventh generation Core i5 processor, code name Kaby Lake. Microsoft will also use the same processor for Microsoft Surface Pro 5, according to CNET.

Nevertheless, Microsoft will not be able to match Samsung's display technology in its Surface. Users surely will have more enjoyable views in Samsung Galaxy Book with the Super AMOLED display. Furthermore, Microsoft Surface boss, Panos Panay has not announced any detail specifications of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5, yet.

The display aspect may be the determining factor in the competition between Samsung Galaxy Book and Microsoft Surface 5. Moreover, Microsoft practically never had any direct competition in professional device market until Samsung launched its Galaxy Book. Therefore, Microsoft is very cautious before launching Microsoft Surface 5. Watch the prediction of the competition between the two devices below:

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