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Baby Rice-Based Products Have An Illegal Chemical That Can Affect Children’s IQ

May 06, 2017 01:45 PM EDT

 Infants eat lunch at the federally-funded Head Start school on September 20, 2012 in Woodbourne, New York.
(Photo : John Moore / Staff) Alarming findings showed that there is an illegal chemical called arsenic that is present in baby rice-based products. Parents should be cautious about it.

Back in 2016, EU imposed an ordinance about the maximum level of chemicals among inorganic baby foods. However, an alarming study showed that majority of baby rice-based products being sold in the UK contains an illegal chemical called arsenic.

The research study made by the team from Institute for Global Food Security at Queen's University Belfast who tested 73 different baby rice-based products, found out that it violated the maximum limit of the illegal chemical called arsenic. Professor Andy Meharg, the lead author of the study, explained that there has been a valid evidence that these inorganic baby foods have a damaging effect on children's health.

In an article from PhysOrg, the researchers finding showed that this illegal chemical called arsenic will cause a child to suffer from the various type of health problems. These baby rice-based products once weaned among children it will result from heart disease, diabetes, and nervous system damage.

According to the explanation given by Professor Meharg to the Independent, baby rice-based products, which contain an illegal chemical called arsenic will also affect children's IQ. He even raised this issue to EU, as these products don't meet its regulation.

One more thing that the researchers discovered, these baby rice-based products once boiled - traditional method - will affect the level of this illegal chemical called arsenic. However, biologists said that through overnight soaking this could reduce the harmful level up to 80 percent.

While this illegal chemical called arsenic is defined as a carcinogenic. According to Prof Meharg, this means that if baby rice-based products have this harmful chemical it will result in worst case scenario, cancer. Also, gathered reports warned parents to be more cautious about it and consider some alternatives like oat porridge. For more updated news, keep in touch with Science Times.

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