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BlackBerry Halts Selling Priv, Passport, Classic, Leap In The U.S. Due To KeyONE Launch; DTEK 50, DTEK 60 On Discount

May 08, 2017 01:00 PM EDT

Amid some smartphones being out of stock, Blackberry is currently holding a May sale for some of its devices.
(Photo : Marques Brownlee/Youtube) Blackberry was reported to halt the sales of the Priv, Passport, Classic and Leap devices on their U.S. store site.

After Blackberry Priv was released in 2015, it has become one of the first of the company’s breakthrough in creating an Android-powered Berry smartphones. However, the Canada-based company was reported to halt selling of the Priv along with other Blackberry devices.

According to The Android Soul, the Blackberry Priv short for Privacy along with other smartphones launched by the company: Passport, Classic and Leap are no longer being sold in the U.S. Blackberry Store site. The reason was pointed out to be that the company is preparing for its flagship BB KeyONE release.

With that said, all accessory stocks related to the Priv, Passport, Classic and Leap are now being wiped out in the Blackberry U.S. store as well. It was then identified that the Passport came first among the four which is released last 2014. The Classic was also said to be released at the end of the same year. Meanwhile, the Leap and Priv were released April and September 2015, respectively.

Amid Blackberry Priv being out of stock in Canada and U.S. Store sites, it was well known for the company’s first release of an Android powered device aside from its QWERTY slider. However, the first six-month sale report of the device was reported not to go that well.

On the other hand, some of Blackberry’s devices were put on $70 and $39 off on Blackberry Store’s U.S. site. DTEK50 now costs $229 down from its previous price of $299. The same goes for DTEK60 which has its regular price of $499 down to $460. All of the accessories in the store like hard-shell, leather and flip cases, and some official headphones were also said to have a $50 discount sale as Android Authority reported.

Nonetheless, the May discount sale of Blackberry’s store wasn’t stated but is believed to go on about until the end of the month. Blackberry Priv is also said to be still available in UK and Germany. In which, stocks that remain costs £294 and €342 respectively.

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